Digital Imaging

"Liberation by Design"

Quiz 1

Click on the link below to take the COMPUTER BASICS QUIZ 1


Conrats you made it to the end now work…..

Table of content…..

1. Cover page

2. Table of content

3. Importance of my project

4-7 – you pick the order

Dont forget to add all the names of your group somewhere on the content page….

file PLACE in Adobe in design.

Dont forget to export as a .PDF protable format


The next 4 pages will be due tomorrow 3 pages having to do with your topic 20 layers each…….and 1 page that will be used as your last page with a list of useful resources, web links, offices as well,…123…go.

3. Freebies…..on topic

1. Resources, web links, addresses

.PDF part 2

Now that you have your group, you should have already decided what you will be working on as a topic for your Magazine………….

MECCA PDF EXAMPLE control + click to download.

All .pdf files will be in 300 resolution……

1. Create an 8×10 cover in Photoshop  include a title for your magazine……30 layer minimum.

2. On an 8x 10 in photoshop 20 layer minimum design a page and answer the following question in 6 sentences minimum.

What is the importance of your magazine….why should people know about your topic?…….

Fill Me out!

This form is for your group .pdf (portable document format). Answer the questions and let me know what your working on……

Portable Document Formats

Peep it. A pdf is a compressed high resolution document that can easily be sent over the internet. Adobe created the PDF in 1993. Pdf files are cool most of your favorite books and magazines can be downloaded for free in PDF format and can even be printed if you like.

Take a look at the link below find your favorite PDF and send me a comment answering the following questions.


1.What is the Name of the Magazine?

2.What is the website address?

3. What is this magazine about?

4. How many pages are in this magazine?

5.What page is the table of content on?

6. What is the name of the Author or Editor of this magazine?

7. If you could create an online magazine what would it be about?

Answer in a comment below. Dont forget your name and period.

Car Wrap

Make sure you turn in your car wrap design today! Peep the article link and look at the dope designs for inspiration. Using the article answer the questions below on a sheet of paper and turn in into your period work drawer.

1. What is the name of the site the article is posted on?

2.What is another name for car wraps?

3.What company designed the “tatoo car”?

4. Who was the car a tribute to?

5.According to the article what are two benefits of having a car wrap on your car?

6.National Impact Wraps is located in what state?

7.What car wrap from this post did you like best?( describe in 2 sentences1. What car? and 2. Why?)